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Fresh produce at your doorstep!

It’s time to make space for what really matters in your life. Let us do the work of picking out your fruit and veggies for you, so you can spend your time with the people you love!

Bi-weekly produce boxes make it easier for you to support Atlantic Canadian farmers year-round.

How Does It Work?

1. Order your produce box
  • Produce boxes are available every second week.
  • We offer a few standard boxes in our online shop.
  • To save the trouble of ordering each time, choose a subscription!
2. choose add-ons & substitutions
  • If you want more than just fruits & veggies, check out our grocery add-on section for some nice local items we can add to your box for you!
  • If you are ordering a subscription, let us know in your order notes if you there are any types of veggies/fruit that you don’t or can’t eat. 
3. get your stuff
  • Select delivery or pickup at checkout
  • Pickups are free at Stirling’s Market, Saint John
  • Deliveries to your doorstep in and around Saint John
  • Deliveries in Grand Manan

… and voila! A box full of fresh fruits & veggies for you and all your loved ones!


Produce Box Features

Box sizes
  • The Basics: $20
  • Small: $45
  • Large: $80 
  • LOW COST (subsidized) boxes also available for $30 with the same contents as the $45 box. A limited number of these are available to you when finances are tight!

Some of the produce we source is labelled “No-Spray”. This term means that no pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides have been used in the production of the food. The farm may not be certified organic.

Our farmers
  • Evergrowin’ Produce- Roachville, NB
  • Mountain View Produce- Plumweseep, NB
  • Hampton Hill Family Farm
  • Strawberry Hill Farm
  • Red Top Ranch, Hammondvale, NB
  • Elmridge Farm– Centreville, NS
  • Noggins Corner Farm– Wolfville, NS
  • Other Canadian and international suppliers
SAMPLE Small Box Contents:

3 LB Local Apples, Gala – 1 Each Local No-Spray Lettuce – 1 Each Local Cucumber, English – 2 LB Local Onions – 2 Each Avocados, Organic – 2 LB No-Spray Local Carrots – 1 Each Broccoli, Organic – 2 Each Lemons, Organic – 4 Each Oranges – 2 LB Ontario Vine Tomatoes – 2 LB Local No-Spray Beets, Golden


SAMPLE Large Box contents: all the small box items PLUS

1 LB Local No-Spray Parsnips
2 LB Local No-Spray Carrots
2 LB Local No-Spray Potatoes, Yukon Gold
0.5 LB Mushrooms, White
1 LB Celery, Organic
2 Each Ontario Peppers, Yellow
2 LB Pears, Organic Anjou
1 Each Fresh Mint
1 Each Fennel
1 Each Kale, Organic
1 Each Local No-Spray Spaghetti Squash