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LOW COST Produce Box- Small


Is your budget this month not allowing you to buy the fresh produce that you need? This box is for YOU. It contains $40 worth of fruits and vegetables for only $24! Order as you need it!

*Substitutions may occur when there are issues with shipments.*

This week’s box contains:

1 Each Squash, Butternut (Local No-Spray)
2 LB Potatoes, Yukon Gold (Local Organic)
1 LB Beefsteak Tomatoes (Local No-Spray)
0.5 LB Spinach (Local)
1 Head Broccoli (Quebec)
1 Bunch Carrots (Local No-Spray)
1 Bag Salad Mix (Local Organic)
3 LB Apples, Cortland (Local)
0.5 LB Peppers, Red/Yellow (Local No-Spray)
2 Each Grapefruit

Honour system applies. If you are able to pay for the regular small produce box, please make these boxes available to those who need them.

If you are looking to donate a box, please do so through our “Share The Love” product page.

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