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Meats, Various

Meats, Various

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Sausages, Patties & Chicken Breasts & Legs come from Strawberry Hill Farm in Pembroke, NB

"Strawberry Hill Farm is a certified organic family farm in the Saint John River Valley about 7 km outside Woodstock. We grow over 60 types of vegetables and berries plus livestock on pasture. We believe that the fewer the chemicals used to grow our food the better, from the point of view of our families' health, the health of our workers, the environment, and for the sake of our many customers who enjoy the vegetables, berries, and other farm products. Our goal is to spend more time farming and producing good food while making this food accessible to as many people as possible in New Brunswick, Canada." 

Ground Pork comes from La Cooperative Ferme Terre Partagee in Rogersville, NB:

"Our pigs are raised on grains grown on the farm and soybeans from a local farm. One of the special features of our pork is that it is milk-fed."

Whole Chickens & other Pork products come from Heartwood Acres in Norton, NB:

Heartwood Acres Farm is a family-owned and operated local farm in Norton, NB, that strives to follow regenerative farming practices. Our chickens are pasture-raised in a mobile chicken coop, with constant access to open air and fresh greens, supplemented by grains. Our chickens are raised in a large enclosed area in the forest near our home.

Hamburger & Stew Beef comes from Ferron Family Farms in Long Settlement, NB:

Welcome to Ferron Family Farms, where we nurture our animals in the embrace of nature. Across 137 acres of lush greenery, our grass-fed and pastured cattle, goats, sheep, pigs, and chickens thrive under the open sky, basking in the gentle sunlight and breathing the freshest air. We take immense pride in cultivating prime grazing land and growing pristine, healthy forage for our livestock. Our commitment to natural, ethical farming practices shines through as we raise our animals without the use of hormones, unnecessary antibiotics, drugs, or animal by-products. Every creature in our care is treated with utmost kindness, ensuring a stress-free and humane existence. We even serenade them with songs, and in their eyes, our melodies are always pitch-perfect. Join us on our journey to provide you with the finest, sustainably raised meats and products. We're not just raising livestock; we're cultivating a better future for your family and our planet.

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