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Produce Box

Produce Box

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*CONTENTS ARE LISTED THE MONDAY OF PRODUCE BOX WEEK* Please see announcement banner on the top of this page for our next produce box date. Note that there may be last-minute changes to box contents due to harvest, delivery & quality.


This week’s BASICS PACK contains:

2lb Apples
1lb Clementines
1 bag Lettuce
2lb Rainbow Carrots



    2 LB Apples, TBD (Local)
    1 Bag Lettuce Mix (Local Hydroponic)
    2 LB Pears, Bosc (Local)
    1 Pack Micro-greens, Fenugreek (Local No-Spray)
    1 Bulb Garlic (Local No-Spray)
    1 Small Rutabaga (Local Organic)
    2 LB Carrots, Rainbow (Local No-Spray)
    1 Bunch Kale (Local No-Spray)
    1 Each Leek (Local Organic)
    1 Each Pepper, Orange (Organic)

    LARGE: all of the small box contents, plus

    2 LB Onions (Local)
    2 LB Clementines
    2 LB Potatoes (Local Organic)
    1 Pack Parsley (Local No-Spray)
    1 Small Rutabaga (Local Organic)
    1 Each Cauliflower (Local)
    2 Each Garlic (Local No-Spray)
    2 LB Sweet Potatoes (Local Organic)

    Note: Photos are for representational purposes only. Please see lists above for current box contents.

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