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About Us

How We Got Started

LifeDirt is a COVID baby. Miriam started spending a lot of time in nature after being laid off at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. She was living in the South End of Saint John, and was brainstorming with her friends about potential small businesses that could benefit our community.

Produce markets have always been life-giving places for Miriam, wherever she has travelled or lived. She started noticing a gap in the availability of produce in uptown Saint John, even though there are farms all over the region.

In March 2021, LifeDirt Foods, Inc. was incorporated. For local farmers, we provide a new way to get their produce to market year-round. For families, we offer an easy way to safely get the vegetables and fruits they need and support local without wasting time in the grocery store.

One of our passions is food security & sovereignty, which we are hoping to make a bigger part of our business model as we grow. For now, we offer opportunities to give toward produce boxes that we give to families/individuals in need in and around Saint John. We also sell “low cost” produce boxes to customers who could use it.